A Story of Survival

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A property of aluminium is that it doesn’t rust all that easily. It forms a thin oxide (OK that’s rust by any other name) that protects it from further oxidisation, so aluminium products tend to last a long time. It’s the reason why, until a couple of years ago, 40 year old Routemaster Buses could still be seen running around London. At least, that’s what I was told a school.

Likewise many English Rose Kitchen units have survived the ravages of time (and in many cases, the ravages of being left to rot in garages and gardens) fairly intact, or at least structurally sound.

Most of it needs taking apart and stripping right back to the aluminium. In fact it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a 50+ year old piece of metal furniture that doesn’t need stripping. They can either be polished up and left at that, or they can be returned to their original glory by powder coating or spraying in a colour of your choice. Powder coating typically involves baking and is best left to the experts. Our friendly local car mechanic, Farouk, has a body shop and we’re priming (sic) him for the task.