All my remaining bits of English Rose Kitchen are now for sale

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Finally I feel able to admit that paying good money to store the last of the English Rose Kitchen bits and pieces that we didn’t use is just plain dumb!

For some reason they’d acquired a sentimental value to me. Not that I see them very often you understand. They’re half a mile away in our storage unit, but it gives me a warm sensation to see them staring winsomely back at me whenever I do need to visit to retrieve some other item whose rent I don’t really need to be paying either.

It’s been a long road and, but the kitchen is basically complete and, as predicted, there are quite a few bits left over. We have a baby due in 7 weeks1 and it’s time to let go of old habits and send them to a good home. I’ve posted them on eBay (link below) because it’s the easiest way so go bid there, but here are the details:

4 drawers (plus one without a front)
3 sets of draw runners
6 floor cabinet fronts and 7 doors
Counter edging bits and bobs
Floor corner piece
2 floor run ends. They are both right hand end, but one of them is rusted through in any case.
Aluminium counter piece 53cm wide
12 full size shelves (for floor units)
3 wall unit shelves – 2 of these are actually finished to fit our own kitchen
2 pieces of under-cabinet aluminium floor trim
Some other random bits that we can’t quite identify

Phew! I’m selling them as one lot on eBay, but between you and me if you only want some of it that’s fine too – contact me hee. I’m happy to deliver locally (as in – around W’s 10,11,12 etc), or we can come to an arrangement for delivery further afield, within reason. We can discuss “reason”.

I haven’t posted any pictures here because there are loads of pics on this blog already of that stuff and in any case I put a whole bunch of them on the auction. My only hope? That it all goes to an appreciative new home.

1Yes we do know what type, it’s a boy, and yes we do know the name, but we’re not telling you!

6 comments to All my remaining bits of English Rose Kitchen are now for sale

  • karen duignan  says:

    oh darling – you alright – sod the kitchen – im worried about you!

    Dont be down, its too easy!! I know its hard to be happy sometimes, and you feel you’re just a good person who deserves better.

    But, as my father (who thanks God he’s still alive says) ITS THE LAST MILE THATS THE HARDEST!!!!

  • Polly Wright  says:

    hello there,
    Firstly congrats on successfully restoring your beautiful kitchen! we have enjoyed reading your blog very much.
    we have bought a lot of English Rose that we are restoring for our new kitchen and were wondering whether you might share which company under the westway who removed the dents and coated your units please.
    thank you

  • Ethos Logos Pathos  says:

    Wow! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of work so far. That was a pretty good idea auctioning the things, last time I did this I threw them out!

  • The Scribe  says:

    Hi Polly,

    Yes – just the rest of the damned place to sort out now and only 6 weeks to go before our son is born!

    When I get a chance I intend to keep on writing this blog so stay tuned.

    I’ll get the details of the body shop for you later today.


  • Ann Marie  says:

    drawer, not draw

  • The Scribe  says:

    How on Earth did no one else spot that?

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