Bye Bye Smeg

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It was with great regret yesterday that we said our final goodbyes to our beloved Smeg FAB28. We had one false start when the original winner of the auction unavoidably had to pull out through no fault of their own, but we were at least happy when the next highest bidder accepted it and turned out to be a lovely couple who’ve been married six weeks and moved into their new house a week ago to the day. We made them promise it was going to a good home and delivered it ourselves. It looks good there and we are tempted to go back an wave at it from time to time.

Bye Bye Smeg. It hasn’t always been easy living with you, what with your temperamental innards and your freezer door that broke, twice, but ultimately it’s been a rewarding relationship and we’re very sad to have to let you go.

When we got back home we realised that the Electrolux American Style Sherman Tank of a Fridge Freezer won’t fit through the door from the living room (where it currently resides) to the kitchen without taking its doors off first and even then we’re not quite sure. That said, our old (so sad to use that term already!) Smeg didn’t actually fit in the intended space in its new kitchen either

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