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The Floor is Down and …

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I think I've mentioned before that the Wifey side of the family is not cursed by any sense of urgency, but in this case her excess diligence is really paying off. The floor looks fantastic!Read More

The units are nearly finished

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Not, in all honesty, the most amusing article you'll ever read on my blog, but our English Rose Kitchen units are sitting almost refurbished in the body shop and - well - bear with us because we're excited ...Read More

Ideal Home Show

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At 15 I went to my first ever proper gig at Earl’s Court. It was mid 1977, punk was well into rearing its spiky head and my cousin’s band, The Clash, was just about the most credible bunch of people you could choose to hang out with. So I went to see Queen, front row at Earl’s Court ...Read More

We have flooring at last

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I'll be honest though, I'm much more excited the arrival of our toilet on Tuesday. No it's not one of those Japanese ones that analyses your stool and emails your doctor for you, but it does have one of those funky modern lids that you let go of an watch it lower itself gently! Meanwhile and actually far more importantly, on Tuesday we finally took delivery of our flooring.Read More

Britain – famed worldwide for its craftsmen

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Traditionally tradespeople in this country been trained as apprentices and considered themselves at least in part, artisans as well, but this renovation has revealed an astonishing litany of howlers. Once more we don't know whether to laugh or cry ...Read More

Einstürzende Altbauten

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Isn't it ironic that a five foot high by six foot wide section of garden wall should collapse just when we have builders round? Well no actually, it's a coincidence, but it was damned handy ...Read More

I love having burly men around the place

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Since the renovation began I've been enjoying having burly men strutting around the house all day long ...Read More

I never thought I’d quote Margaret Thatcher

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"I never thought I'd quote Margaret Thatcher". File this under things you wish you'd said at the time.Read More

So how DO you choose the colour for your kitchen units?

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Holland Park has some very nice people living in it. Honest. So we asked one of them where they got the paint for their front door.Read More

Skeletons under the floorboards …

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Friends as I am with the guy who built the extensions to our flat, his approach to renovation projects focuses on the creative rather than the practical. On lifting the shower room tiling we found that a slow leak from the shower itself had rotted through the floorboards and joists ...Read More