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Enthusiasm is an admirable quality, but it won't build walls for you

Enthusiasm is an admirable quality, but it won’t build walls for you

Nothing is meant to last forever I suppose, but you expect a brick wall to survive more than about 14 years I would think.

One morning last week Wifey looked out of (what was) the kitchen window and shrieked. To be honest it was exactly the same as the noise she just made when she discovered that “someone” hadn’t closed the macaroni properly, so it was hard to know whether to run, walk1, or pretend I hadn’t heard, but the fact was that a section of our five foot high garden wall had collapsed outwards onto the pavement and into the road.

A few things sprang to mind. Firstly and obviously, thank ^%&* nobody was walking past at the time. Secondly thank something-or-other there was no car parked by it and finally, thank the patron saint of scooters that it didn’t fall inwards onto Wifey’s pink Vespa.

Our fantastic crew that C put together happened to turn up just as we were standing outside and helped us to move the debris to the end of our driveway and later our chippie turned up and patched up the gap with a piece of driveway gate that’s been doing nothing for about 18 months.

Oh and the piece of wall that collapsed, on closer inspection, was built at the same time as the extensions to the flat under the auspices of (or possibly by) the same enthusiastic chap responsible for the shower room plumbing. The mortar seemed to be more sand than cement and wasn’t tied to the walls either end properly.

1Wifey once called from the shower to tell me there was a slug creeping up the wall shouting “Come on! Quickly!”. I ran (because I’m a dutiful husband), but I had to ask, just how slowly would I have had to walk in order to miss a slug?

2 comments to Einstürzende Altbauten

  • neil  says:

    ooof lucky on all fronts.
    been into scoots since i was 16 got 5 in different states of repair at the mo.
    most lambrettas and none pink lol

  • El Buccanero  says:

    Bleedin’ ‘eck – the industrial estate is on fire again – on Mick’s side this time (the Lebanese bakery on Standard RoadI am told) – hope the studio is okay and hope they’re not doing a late session tonight! Massive grey and black clouds filling half the sky up here.

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