English Rose Kitchen Larder Unit For Sale

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The English Rose Kitchen larder

The Larder They Come

Ladies and gentlemen! At long last, we’re finally ready to sell something! Yes, the coveted English Rose Kitchen Larder unit (pictured) is officially up for sale.

It’s about 168cm tall, 50cm deep and 43cm wide, three of shelves inside and a couple of things for hanging things on, though we’ve never worked out what.

We’re gutted that we don’t have space for it ourselves, but it just doesn’t fit in in our new kitchen.

It’s in great condition aside from a couple of scratches on the front, but trust me, you’d want to change the paintwork anyway. That cream colour is hideous.

Yours for £40. If you’re not too far away from West London I can deliver it, otherwise let’s talk.

10 comments to English Rose Kitchen Larder Unit For Sale

  • julie  says:

    Hey Andre,
    How you doing? Want to see your finnished kitchen, you both enjoying it at last?
    I’M INTERESTED IN THE LARDER CUPBOARD! and I’m just up the road from you guys, let me know if you’ve still got it.
    Thanks Julie

  • john grainger  says:

    hi, just wondering if you still have your larder cupboard for sale and what ever else you may have, as i am extending my kitchen, and need a corner unit and a few extra bits and pieces,
    it would be great if you could mail me and let me no, what tops do your cupboards have? formica or stainless…. or neither… lol
    kind regards

  • neil youdale  says:

    hey there stranger, i was only wondering how you were getting on with your kitchen yesterday, ours is slowly starting to take shape at last lol
    interested in the larder unit, wont be able to get down to pick it up until the 27th of november tho. let me know it that will be ok or maybe another date sometime after.
    cheers neil

  • steve  says:

    is the unit still for sale would you deliver to reading many thanks

  • melissa mahon  says:

    I’d love to buy the larder, pl will you phone me on 07973500746 if its still available.Yippee, hope I’m not too late.

  • paul  says:

    Hi is the larder still for sale regards Paul

  • Jan Petroff  says:

    What the heck is a larder? A refrigerator? I don’t think we use a larder here in Arizona!

  • mark langley  says:


    Is your English Rose Kitchen larder still for sale? If so, we would love to buy it. Also do you have any other English Rose Kitchen items for sale?

    Please reply to the email address provided.

    Kind regards,


  • mike  says:

    Is the unit still for sale from last October?

  • The Scribe  says:

    Hi Mike,

    That went to a good home quite quickly actually.

    Later today I’m going to post the erst of my leftover ERK goodies. I’ll be putting them on eBay, but writing them up and linking to them from here too.


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