English Rose Kitchen units for sale

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The English Rose Kitchen larder

The Larder They Come

I’ll be honest here, my reasons for starting this blog were 100% mercenary. It was only later that I discovered writing about stuff not exactly kitchen renovation related was more fun.

I knew that when we’d finished the kitchen we’d have a load of English Rose Kitchen units left over and now that we’ve worked out what we’re using there’s a whole bunch of stuff that we’re going to sell on.

I’ll itemise and photograph them properly later, but at the moment if anyone’s interested in a rather nice ERK larder (about 5’6″ tall) and a wall unit in great condition, both still with the original paintwork (which means they could do with freshening up), let me know. You can’t have the larder yet cos we’re using it to store bits and pieces during the renovation, but this is a heads up!

We also have a few doors, draws, odds and sods. More later. Oh – and we can tell you where to get them repainted too.

40 comments to English Rose Kitchen units for sale

  • El Buc  says:

    What about a shot of that Hogarth lady lactating?

  • The Scribe  says:


    Young Mr Bucaneero is referring to the tapestry whose bottom left hand corner you can see top right of the picture.

    It’s called Garden of Love. It’s by Rubens and you can see a pic of the original (which is in the Prado Museum in Madrid. Unfortunately the tapestry itself ain’t worth all that much. I’m quite relieved actually because I love it and never want to be tempted into selling it.

  • neil  says:

    let me know what ya got and what sort of prices your looking for,might be able to find a home for some of it if the price is right,lol

  • Kitschen Pink  says:

    Oh I’d love to have the larder unit! Sadly the ‘space’ where it could go is occupied by a (charmingly retro) toy kitchen. But I can dream!
    Some of our units were in need of a re-spray – we had a local car paint company colour match some spray paint for us which gave hubby an excuse to buy one of those fancy spraying machines!
    Good lucky with living in mayhem for a few weeks. As long as the toilet and a tap stay functional you can cope……t .x

  • Alex  says:

    Hi there, Been following your restoration, can’t wait to see the finished results now! Know what you are going through at the moment. Just finished my own house last year and sold to move into another project. It will get better I promise!
    Anyway, just wondering if any of the ERK units were still available, as this 1954 house would suit them well, and the kitchen really is in need of a makover.
    Good Luck Alex

  • The Scribe  says:

    OK here’s what we currently have:

    1 larder unit
    3 wall units
    A floor unit corner piece
    A whole bunch of doors
    Some assorted bits and pieces

  • Figoruni  says:

    How much for the larder unit?

  • Nadia  says:

    I am really, really,interested in the wall units and the larder unit.
    Are they still available?
    These would finish off my lovely English Rose Kitchen.
    If they are still up for sale, how much would you lik for them?
    Please let me know, as I’m so excited to have found these!
    Many Thanks,

  • Amanda  says:

    Hi, I am assuming all your ERK surplus units have gone by now but as I have been looking into buying bits and pieces here and there (gorgeous refurbished ones sadly miles out of my budget!) I wondered if you could advise me wether its possible to buy things like matching coloured handles from anywhere.

  • The Scribe  says:

    Actually we still have a bunch of bits and pieces. Because the renovation has gone on so damned long we’ve been using the larder still. I’ll put them up for sale properly soon :-)

    Sorry I don’t know where you can get just the handles – I’m not even quie sure we have enough matching ones ourselves at the moment!

  • Amanda  says:

    Thanks for your reply. Looks like it will be mix and match then….unless that elusive lottery win comes up! Did I read that you plan to ebay your spares? Will keep an eye open as it will be a while before we are in a position to install any sort of kitchen! Hey Ho…..we will appreciate it all the more when we do get it.

  • The Scribe of Rotten Hill  says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Yep, we’ll definitely be ebaying the rest of our kitchen units, probably along with a load of other stuff that’s perfectly good, but no longer needed.

    I’ll be posting a message on this blog when we do.

  • Maria  says:

    R u still selling units? If yes which ones? How much? Where r you? Is the corner unit a uselles space or does it have a door? R they made out of stainless steel? Thank u 4 ur time. Regards

  • GARRY  says:

    i do have an english rose double kitchen sink unit, very slight corrosion at the rear corner and needs a couple of screws on the drawer runners, the doors are straight and with handles. stainless sink and original mixer tap.

  • GARRY  says:

    any one interested? or should i put it on febay

  • Jean McLernon  says:

    I am looking for a few English Rose kichen units can you help. I would like a single drainer kitchen unit with drawers to start my project, I noticed this blog is not new and wondered if you have anything to offer many thanks Jean.

  • jimbob  says:

    hi – do you still have units left? or did the they go the bay?

    look forward to hearing from you



  • The Scribe  says:

    HI Jim,

    Yes we do actually – we’ve just been a bit untogether about getting them all into one place at the same time.

    I’ll try to itemise them over the weekend.

  • livaleen  says:


    I have just found your site on my first hunt for English Rose Kitchens… Please can you give me more information on what is available. I hear they are one of the finest made kitchens and i am due to do up a new kitchen and thought i’d try and aim for the finest. Any pictures etc would be of great help.

    Thank you

  • Nic E  says:

    Do you still have a base corner unit available? I need two to complete my kitchen!


  • The Scribe  says:

    Yes I do still have it. It’s not really a unit though, more a strip that connects two base units at 45 degrees to both, shaped to match the tulip shape of the units.

    We didn’t use it because we bought a rotating unit to fill that spot.

  • The Scribe  says:

    OK the larder unit is now finally properly up for sale! £50 and I’ll deliver locally (as in within a few miles of W12) for free or for a fee that we’ll negotiate further afield in London.

    It’s in great shape aside from a slight dent on the front that doesn’t show up in the photo above – the rest of our units were in far worse shape an have all been restored beautifully by the diligent and incredibly reasonably priced Tony. I’m pretty sure no one will want to keep it the original cream colour anyway.

  • Nic E  says:

    Sorry for delay in responding. Been away. The units we’re after are about 63 wide on each of the wall sides and tulip at the front but without opening. Does this sound right? Also, does the rotating unit you bought match? If so, could you let me know where you got that from also?


  • The Scribe of Rotten Hill  says:

    Sounds about right, but as far as I can tell (because I didn’t actually use it), it comprises two normal floor units joined by the non-opening tulip bit.

    The rotating unit matches in he sense that it looks good with it. At least you get to use that corner space. We got it at B&Q and last time we looked they still had them.

  • Nic E  says:

    It’s actually just the corner piece rather than the units either side I’d be particularly interested in. Do you have a price in mind?

  • Emma  says:

    Hi there. I’ve just bought my first house and have decided to have a vintage 1950’s english rose kitchen!! I am in the process of sourcing ER units to refurbish and wondered if you had any left for sale? Also I’d love to get some advice from you as to wear to look for units and where to get them refurbished etc….. thanks in advance and feel free to e-mail me!

  • The Scribe  says:

    Yes actually we have a whole bunch of stuff. I’ve just been a bit lazy about sticking it on eBay because it’s in storage and out of sight/mind.

    We did make a list and took some photos though so I’ll get them all together and post them here.

    We got just about everything from eBay originally and you tend to need to get much more than you’ll use just to get the right pieces.

  • Lucy Stillwell  says:

    Hi, I really want the small wall units, about 8 of them to go along a wall. Do you have any left?

  • The Scribe  says:

    Hi Lucy,

    We only have the full size wall units left I’m afraid.

  • Emma  says:

    Hi there. Me again. I’ve worked out what I need for my ER kitchen and wondered if you had any of the following to sell…………
    Double or triple sink unit (if double drainer on the left)
    Single base unit x2 (53cm ones) OR Double base unit x1
    Don’t mind whether they are the Formica or aluminum worktops.

  • Nic E  says:


    I’ve got to the point now where I only require 1 corner unit. If you are interested in selling, could you please e-mail me?



  • flip  says:






    01664 569427


  • PAUL  says:

    hello I got a english rose sink unit anenome model I need set of six hingers for the doors can any one help please

  • Emma  says:

    Hi there! I’m near completion of my ER kitchen and just need 4 x red handles to finish off. I would be happy to swap for white handles I have spare, or could agree a price if someone has spare red handles they not longer require.

    I also have a few units/sinks left over from my project if anyone is interested send me an e-mail. Currently available-

    Double sink unit stainless steel white handles
    Triple sink unit stainless steel white handles (soap dish attached)
    Double base unit stainless steel white handles


  • Louise  says:


    I currently have a full English Rose kitchen for sale.

    If anyone is interested please email murpho3@hotmail.com

    Thanks xx

  • Neil  says:

    For anyone needing handles source antiques do them for £12
    Finally getting mine sorted now,really looking forward to getting it finished

  • Caroline  says:

    Hi All, Am fixing up some ERK units and am in need of just one hinge. Can anyone help with this or point me in the right direction? Many thanks and happy restoring!

  • Stuart  says:


    is the ERK larder still available for sale please? I am also looking for corner units, top units and end units (shelves) if anyone has any of these available I’d be grateful to hear from you. stuart@stuartpearsonwright.com

    One other thing: anyone know a reliable and reasonably priced person who fits custom formica or stainless steel worktops?

  • The Scribe  says:

    ‘fraid the larder went months ago.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t, hand on heart, recommend our guys for the work top. They did a sterling job on the ERK stuff and other bits, but I think they were losing heart by the end and the counter needs a bit of TLC now.

  • lianne  says:

    hi, i have an english rose double sink unit for sale, in good condition, thread on original taps resently worn.

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