It’s Always Sad to See The Last of Your Smeg

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SMEG fridge freezer FAB28 cream colourWe knew this day would have to come, but we’re gutted nonetheless. Because we’re moving in our American fridge/freezer, we regrettably have to part with our beloved cream SMEG FAB28 retro style fridge. The irony couldn’t be clearer – we’re selling a beautiful fridge that looks like it comes from the 50s just as we’re installing a kitchen that really does come from the 50s!

Smegs look great and must be about the hardest wearing fridges around, on the outside at least. It has not so much as a single tiny scratch on it. It’s well documented that parts of Smeg interiors need replacing from time to time and ours is no different. It’s on eBay now at and you can read more about it at .

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