Kitchen has that sort-of-coming-together feel

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It may not seem like much, but when you’ve been kitchenless for as long as us, seeing the worktop appearing in place above our run of units feels like magic.

Despite the fact that it is clearly now closer to a room for cooking than relaxing in and that we relinquished its former use nearly 7 months ago, we’re having trouble not calling the new kitchen the living room.

What was our kitchen is now to be the exercise area, the old dining area is soon to be the living room and the previous living room is nearly the kitchen. I’m very much looking forward to being able to say, Big Brother (UK) style, “Ehht Thir’y ehh ehm. Rehh is in the eehxcerise eehria”1,2,3.

Sort of starting to look like a kitchen

Sort of starting to look like a kitchen

1For non-UK citizens and those simply bemused, the voiceover man on BB here is from a city in the north east called Newcastle. People from Newcastle are nicknamed Geordies and they speak a dialect that’s impossible for the rest of us to imitate, comprising as it does a series of vowels so flat you could serve drinks on them and a succession of glottal stops the likes of which us Londoners can only dream of.

2Actually I chose the time 8:30am for the way it sounds when a Geordie says it. In fact there’s very little likelihood of “Rehh” being anywhere but in bed at that time.

3… with sincere apologies to Newcastle, whose people, accent and city I love dearly.

2 comments to Kitchen has that sort-of-coming-together feel

  • Maria  says:

    It would be great to see some current picture! What type of worktop did you use in the end?

    I see Formica have discontinued most of their 50’s designs now. I’m getting a kitchen from JLH and they can do a resin based worktop with a stainless steel edge which looks quite retro.

  • The Scribe of Rotten Hill  says:

    You’re quite right, it’s time for some updates. I’ll be working on them just as soon as time permits, but I’ll try to get some photos up at least.

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