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I’ve already documented that the work that took place on our property prior to my purchasing it in ’98 emphasised the “creative” over the functional and that along the way a bizarre series of building howlers has been exposed.

The latest was when our guys discovered the reason why part of the kitchen kitchen near the outside door was mysteriously concreted. It seemed to be to hide the fact the the drain that so charmingly presents itself as you exit wasn’t lined properly has has been soaking that side of the house for years.

We’d planned to move the drain anyway because it’s the receptacle of all fluids from our kitchen, the kitchen upstairs and that rain water that doesn’t escape from the ill-equipped gutter system above. It stinks and there’s no particular reason for it to be above ground, much less available to step in on entry or exit. On several occasions I’ve had to drunkenly fish my keys from its murky depths.

This week the guys got a specialist in the area to take a look and he refused to touch it. That’s the third time during this project that a specialist in a specific field has refused to touch anything that bares the hallmark of my vendor. It turned out that not only was the drain not lined, but that the only protection from extraneous garbage was a system comprising a drain cover, an 8 inch section of free standing plastic pipe and another drain cover.

The kicker was that when they set to work digging up the rubble to move the drain, they found a still partially inflated football. We shall most certainly be insisting that its creator, our co-freeholder, will be sharing in the cost of setting it right.

3 comments to More Horrors

  • Tom Donaldson  says:

    Hello there,

    i stumble across your site every once in a while and keep meaning to get in contact. Thanks for your mentions, all very much appreciated.
    I’d like to ask if you’d consider promoting us as retailers or renovaters with maybe a special discount for customers if they came via you, or something along those lines. any extra business is greatly appreciated at the mo as i’m sure you’re aware. just drop me an email if you are interested, cheers, Tom.

  • Kevin  says:

    No! Don’t disturb the football… it’s obviously some kind of vodoo charm protecting your home from evil.

  • kev & lucia  says:

    ouch, Cowboy vendors/builders everywere i’m afraid A. Chin Up, bulldog spirit and all that, fight them on the beaches and in the courts!!

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