No really, this time I mean it – Monday is the day

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Reds attempts to show Geordie John what he's made of

Reds attempts to show Geordie John what he’s made of

Well last Monday came. And last Monday went. As did C. He took one look, said “You guys aren’t nearly ready”, explained that we’d better pull our socks up by this Monday “or else” and left.

So this Monday it will have to be and the flat is currently full of not just STUFF, but the boxes into which it must go. It’s daunting. The sheer weight of STUFF that we need to shift tomorrow. Or else!

John shows how \

John shows how “In my day we used to make our own entertainment”

Completing the impression of an indoor urban wasteland, today we1 fetched nearly all our English Rose Kichen units back from my parents’ garage. Those with long memories (or a mouse with which to click on the following link) will recall that the units have been enjoying my parents’ unwitting hospitality since they were away on a cruise back in May.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the kitchen units in their current form look like something that Mutoid Waste Company would enjoy using as raw material, but we took the necessary leap of faith around 9 months ago that we could make this work. Oh yes – aside from putting the remainder of our worldly goods into storage tomorrow, I’m also charged with reassembling the bizarre metal puzzle that is to be our new kitchen by matching all the bits against the few complete units that we have.

Just how crap can we made the kitchen look?

Just how crap can we made the kitchen look?

In the meantime I just ate what’s probably my last meal from our current kitchen because it’s the first thing that’s going to be ripped out on Monday. It’s sad because we’ve had many wonderful social occasions based around the kitchen, but the sadness is tempered somewhat by the fact that for at least two years it’s been virtually unusable, partly because the stove now only has two working rings and a well known singer/songwriter friend drunkenly kicked in the oven door one night (quite seriously unintentionally!) and partly because of the STUFF accumulation that’s taken place.

To add to the confusion, our shower/steam room is being ripped out and what’s currently our living room is being transformed into the kitchen. We will spend the next few weeks with no kitchen, living room or shower room. Wish us luck.

1In the interest of giving credit where due, I enlisted the help of my good friend and Rotten Hill Gang assistant Geordie John and his (t)rusty van. In a surprise move he brought along Reds (from RHG) to help. The two of them did stirling work and refused my offer of a curry or similar in return. I think I’ll still make them have one though.

6 comments to No really, this time I mean it – Monday is the day

  • neil  says:

    good luck with all of that.look foward to your progress.
    makes mine seem a breeze to sort out. will be starting mine as soon as we get back from lazing around in new zealand (too soon unfortunatly)

  • El Buc  says:

    Good luck with your game of Tetris-for-real!

    I just got hold of a couple more snaps of my lighthouse, this time with a bit more detail…

  • The Scribe  says:

    Ah – and as I recall, not so long ago there was a bike shop on the corner.

  • El Buc  says:


    The owner was the one who ripped the lighthouse down… criminal!

  • John Jerome  says:

    I have quite a bit of English Rose original kitchen units in my house which I wish to sell ready for new kitchen I have photos I can e-mail would like advice on selling

  • The Scribe  says:

    Hi John,

    I’d be happy to post your photos on this blog and pass on any enquiries to you. In any case I’d love to see the photos.

    Otherwise you can always sell them on eBay (which is how we bought all of ours) and there’s also, where there are usually several people either offering or requesting English Rose Kitchen units.

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