So how DO you choose the colour for your kitchen units?

Stripping the unitsThe English rose hunt is on | 2 comments

The shower/steam enclosure being built

This picture isn’t at all amusing

When we originally started to look at John Lewis of Hungerford’s Creme de la Creme reproduction of English Rose Kitchen they told us that their paint comes from the wonderful Fired Earth range, so for around a year we were convinced that Fired Earth was the place to go for our paint.

A few weeks back we finally got to Fired Earth in Holland Park. As we got near the end of Portland Road we saw a door in the most incredible vintage blue/green with a hint of pastel. Very hard to describe, but you’ll understand when I post the pictures.

Fired Earth just didn’t have quite what we were after, so we left a note through the beautiful door (it was Obama’s inauguration day and we could see the TV on inside so we didn’t like to intrude) explaining our situation and the owner was kind enough to call back the next day, saying that they had a pot of the paint left over that we could borrow to copy from.

Our fantastic contractor C, by the way, did a lot of research to find out who would give us the best deal on coating them. He found a body shop under the Westway that’s doing them right now – getting dents out and coating them with our chosen colour.

I can’t say enough good things about C. Only I’ll leave that for another time. Suffice to say that if anyone needs a recommendation I’ll put you in touch. Meanwhile, just because an article is a bit boring without any pictures, here’s a picture of the shower/steam room with the shower enclosure being built. Note that we actually have a floor in there now. Note also that this is a blog about our kitchen and I keep talking about the shower/steam room. Ho hum!

2 comments to So how DO you choose the colour for your kitchen units?

  • Kitschen Pink  says:

    Hello again. Have you found a source for shelf edging strip? We had some of the upstand steel profile manufactured for new worktop edgings but we hit a brick wall with shelf edging as the profile is apparently way beyond what would be affordable in the 21st century…that’s progress for you.
    Any tips welcome! t.x

  • The Scribe  says:

    Hi there,

    No we haven’t, but we are interest in steel worktop edgings if you could tell me where you got that made!


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