Sourcing and Fitting Flooring

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The floor of our kitchen, which runs through to the living room, needs replacing. It’s sad, because it has a lot of character, most of it being original. In fact it has a little too much character because the gaps are now far too wide in some places (the newer floorboards mainly) and there are holes in the wood in others. We have to keep something over a particular pair of holes to stop our inquisitive cat from going down there.

We’ve looked at oak flooring and if we go with that we’re going to want each board to be prety wide just for the look. We’re planning to lay it across the old flooring at right angles to the current direction. I realise that’ll raise problems if we ever have to go under the floor for any reason.

Another flooring idea (Ray’s) is to use some sort of veneered MDF and paint it with harlequin style squares (i.e. the squares will be running diagonally). I have no idea how practical this could be, although it certainaly would be cheaper if it was and would fit the look of the kitchen. Ray also wants to put some of that aluminium flooring around where the kitchen units themselves are.

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