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Nine Months and Counting

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Like an ageing locomotive long past its usefulness being kept on the rails by a band of well meaning enthusiasts, our renovation grinds and wheezes its way towards the buffers at an ever decreasing speed. As I sit and write this I'm quaffing my third glass of red wine ...Read More

More Horrors

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I've already documented that the work that took place on our property prior to my purchasing it in '98 emphasised the "creative" over the functional and that along the way a bizarre series of building howlers has been exposed ...Read More

Britain – famed worldwide for its craftsmen

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Traditionally tradespeople in this country been trained as apprentices and considered themselves at least in part, artisans as well, but this renovation has revealed an astonishing litany of howlers. Once more we don't know whether to laugh or cry ...Read More

Einst├╝rzende Altbauten

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Isn't it ironic that a five foot high by six foot wide section of garden wall should collapse just when we have builders round? Well no actually, it's a coincidence, but it was damned handy ...Read More