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Nine Months and Counting

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Like an ageing locomotive long past its usefulness being kept on the rails by a band of well meaning enthusiasts, our renovation grinds and wheezes its way towards the buffers at an ever decreasing speed. As I sit and write this I'm quaffing my third glass of red wine ...Read More

Keeping the romance going through a renovation

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The most romantic date I've ever had with Wifey was when she returned to her family's home in Maryland while I remained at home in West London. We set up our web cams in our respective kitchens and cooked the same meal at each end. Later, as we sat down to eat, we placed our respective laptops across our respective dining tables and, having dressed appropriately, lit or respective candles ...Read More

First Sighting of the Units in Situ

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The floor run of the units are finally in place. Rather charmingly Wifey asked me if I thought they might date quickly. I explained that they’re already over 50 years old and were as likely to date as my moustache, but on reflection I’m not quite sure what that means ...Read More

More Horrors

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I've already documented that the work that took place on our property prior to my purchasing it in '98 emphasised the "creative" over the functional and that along the way a bizarre series of building howlers has been exposed ...Read More

The Floor is Down and …

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I think I've mentioned before that the Wifey side of the family is not cursed by any sense of urgency, but in this case her excess diligence is really paying off. The floor looks fantastic!Read More

The units are nearly finished

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Not, in all honesty, the most amusing article you'll ever read on my blog, but our English Rose Kitchen units are sitting almost refurbished in the body shop and - well - bear with us because we're excited ...Read More

We have flooring at last

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I'll be honest though, I'm much more excited the arrival of our toilet on Tuesday. No it's not one of those Japanese ones that analyses your stool and emails your doctor for you, but it does have one of those funky modern lids that you let go of an watch it lower itself gently! Meanwhile and actually far more importantly, on Tuesday we finally took delivery of our flooring.Read More

Britain – famed worldwide for its craftsmen

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Traditionally tradespeople in this country been trained as apprentices and considered themselves at least in part, artisans as well, but this renovation has revealed an astonishing litany of howlers. Once more we don't know whether to laugh or cry ...Read More

Einstürzende Altbauten

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Isn't it ironic that a five foot high by six foot wide section of garden wall should collapse just when we have builders round? Well no actually, it's a coincidence, but it was damned handy ...Read More

I love having burly men around the place

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Since the renovation began I've been enjoying having burly men strutting around the house all day long ...Read More