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Kitchen has that sort-of-coming-together feel

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What was our kitchen is now to be the exercise area, the old dining area is soon to be the living room and the previous living is nearly the kitchen. I'm very much looking forward to being able to say, Big Brother (UK) style, "Ehht Thir'y ehh ehm. Rehh is in the eehxcerise eehria" ...Read More

So how DO you choose the colour for your kitchen units?

Stripping the unitsThe English rose hunt is on | 2 comments

Holland Park has some very nice people living in it. Honest. So we asked one of them where they got the paint for their front door.Read More

English Rose Kitchen units for sale

For Sale | 40 comments

Now that we know what we're using, we have a bunch of English Rose Kitchen units for sale. Get 'em while they're hot! Oh and we can tell you where to get them painted too.Read More

Taking a Breather

The English rose hunt is on | 2 comments

So where are we now? We have the lot from Leeds and the 3 wall units from Consett.

We’ve paid for the lot from Poole and also the American style fridge/freezer from up the road from Poole. We need to work out how to get both of these.

Then there’s the lot that are somewhere in Northern Ireland. I’ve emailed him again for photos and to let me know where in NI he lives. We’re rather keen on the mad idea of a trip over there to pick it up and have already priced up a van (reasonable) and the ferry (extortionate!). Gary says he’ like to come with us for the trip.

Oh and finally, we paid for a stove a couple of weeks back an we haven’t seen hide nor hair of it. Must chase today.

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My First Contact with Wall Units

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Today I have seen, for the first time with my own eyes, some English Rose Kitchen walls units. My life is now completeRead More