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Kitchen has that sort-of-coming-together feel

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What was our kitchen is now to be the exercise area, the old dining area is soon to be the living room and the previous living is nearly the kitchen. I'm very much looking forward to being able to say, Big Brother (UK) style, "Ehht Thir'y ehh ehm. Rehh is in the eehxcerise eehria" ...Read More

No kitchen, no shower room, no living room

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I finally gave the go ahead for the boys to rip out the kitchen and bathroom on Tuesday. During the process they had to lift part of the floor to get to the stopcock and turn the water off for a few minutes. It was a couple of hours before we noticed that our cat Smirkle was missing and we weren't really sure where she was until we heard wild mewing noises from under our feet ...Read More

Changing Rooms

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It’s amazing how you can live somewhere for years pondering over a problem and then one day the bleedin’ obvious hits you in the face. Yesterday we realised that the new fridge was never going to fit through the door between the living room and kitchen, at least, not without taking the doors off and struggling (which is what we did).

The problem we’ve been facing is that despite the fact that our kitchen/dining area is pretty big, there’s not a lot of usable wall space because of the positioning of doors, radiators and a cute wooden supporting structure that’s used to divide the space into three pokey little rooms. when we realised there would be a problem moving the fridge into the kitchen we thought “Why not swap the kitchen and lounge?!”...

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Sourcing and Fitting Flooring

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The floor of our kitchen, which runs through to the living room, needs replacing. It's sad, because it has a lot of character, most of it being originalRead More