The Larder Has Gone ;-(

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The contents of the larder

Well it had to go somewhere I suppose


The larder is gone and it’s left a gaping hole in our lives, but it’s left us with so much more than that. A pile of junk, that’s now, yet again, preventing us from seeing the dining table.

For the last year it’s sat in the space previously occupied by our Smeg Fridge. I remember then that it was easier than I’d imagined parting with the fridge and frankly there are far more pressing uses for that patch of valuable floor real estate. My overriding feeling is that English Rose Kitchen items should definitely go to other enthusiastic owners.

And an enthusiast indeed this guy does sound to be. I delivered it to a friend of his who happens to live near me (we needed to get it out of here ASAP to make room for another project that Wifey has in hand – more in my next article). I asked how far the eventual recipient of the larder had got with his kitchen and was told that they last time it was seen it was a pile of bits and pieces – a year ago. That’s me boy!

The saddest thing is that I never got to meet and approve it’s new owner, but I have a good feeling that he’s going to give it a good home.

5 comments to The Larder Has Gone ;-(

  • neil youdale  says:

    lol and by having it stored at his house for a week i’ve managed to get myself roped into picking up a wardrobe for him, in DORSET!!!!
    the day the kitchen gets fitted is getting nearer honest

  • The Scribe  says:

    In a nice bit of – um – well whatever, the larder was one of the pieces that we originally picked up from Poole, in Dorset.

  • Joe  says:

    Seems that your larder was mostly pills and alcohol? Oh no there is food, I didn’t spot the cuppa soup :)

  • The Scribe  says:

    Well the funny thing is that neither of us has had a drink in quite a while, so we were quite surprised to see how much alcohol there was in there. Mostly the ends of bottles that must have been there for years.

    The pills … all herbal & homoeopathic I’m afraid. Not my bag at all, but Wifey is American after all. I’ve tried explaining to her that in this country we have evolved to the extent that we are capable of extracting all the nutrients that our bodies require from actual food.

  • neil youdale  says:

    it is coming in very useful for storing all the stuff from the kitchen cupboards i ripped out in feb!!!
    i thought if we didnt have any it might spur me on,found some fantastic bodges when i took them out so its took slightly longer than expected,but the walls are in the process of getting painted and the floors booked in to have a nice retro lino fitted.We have 2 units in residence already and more to go in over the weekend,will use them shabby for a bit then get the doors re-painted at a later date.

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