We have flooring at last

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50m2 of wood makes a great makeshift worksurface

50m2 of wood makes a great makeshift worksurface

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the articles on this blog have veered wildly off topic. There have been two reasons for this. Firstly it’s taken an embarrassingly long time for us to get things moving and secondly writing about a kitchen renovation is fundamentally boring and I dare say it’s not much more fun to read about it.

So this is probably of interest only to us, but we finally took delivery of 50m2 of engineered, unfinished oak this week. Currently sitting in what was the kitchen and will be the exercise area, Wifey, as ever, did a fantastic job of researching it and getting a great price.

We initially decided we wanted a harlequin design on the floor, but realised it would be too difficult, so we spent days driving around town looking at some amazing wood at fantastic (in the sense of fantasy) prices upwards of £100 a square metre. Then we thought we wanted something called double smoke white oiled or double oiled white smoked or whatever, but much like we just “knew” when we’d found the kitchen units we were going for, we knew we really wanted a harlequin floor.

That’s why we ended up with unfinished oak. It had to be engineered because we wanted it wide and the underlying flooring is crap. The technique we’re going to use was dreamt up by wifey. We’re going to get our chippie to rout out grooves to make it look like we have square wood tiles lain at 45 degrees, then stain or oil (open to suggestion) alternate squares light and dark, finishing off with a couple of layers of clear oil.

Now all we need to do is to get the rest of our damned STUFF into storage so that they can lay the floor in the first place!

If I’m honest though, I’m much more excited about our toilet that arrives on Tuesday. No it’s not one of those Japanese ones that analyses your stool and emails your doctor for you, but it does have one of those funky modern lids that you let go of an watch it gently lower itself.

3 comments to We have flooring at last

  • El Buccanero  says:

    Mmmm – drop that lid with confidence!

  • Sue  says:

    Please Help!!!
    I love reading your blog, we are trying to redo our kitchen, on a small budget with a definate “wow” factor. I am also fed up of seeing uniform looking beech kitchens, laminate flooring etc and want something different. In my head i can see a fantastic pink (or as Hubby will have a say, probably aqua),retro english rose kitchen, black and white tiles and flooring and fantastic retro accessories. However when i look at the english rose kitchens on salvo and ebay, i must admit i am getting cold feet. They dont quite look as i imagine they will. I know i can get them to work and would have my desired effect, BUT. In reality how easy is it.? Could the units be painted with a brush rather than sprayed? Source seem to require a considerable amount of money to re do them. Is it easy to get modern measurements to fit for new worktops? , what sort of work top would look right? I was thinking stainless steel? And finally is it still easy to replace the little handles? I know the finish result will be great, it is the getting there , (my husband is prepared to go with me, but does’nt quite share my enthusiasm at this point), that is giving me SEVERE COLD FEET syndrome. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, i realise you must already be up to your eyes in it. Sue .

  • The Scribe  says:

    Uh – something tells me I should have got back to you earlier Sue.

    Hope you managed to work it out, but let me know if you still need help!

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