We’re now more confused than ever about flooring

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So we spent the day going round timber merchants and flooring places receiving more and more conflicting information. Most conflicting of all was whether it would be better to use solid or engineered flooring.

Even more confusing than that was the cost. Looking online we can see all sorts of flooring that seems to match our needs around the £30..£40 a square metre for solid oak, with engineered boards coming in at considerably less. Going round today the only flooring we saw that we liked was in the £110 range, with engineered flooring costing about the same.

Also we’d previously been advised that we’d be best off using solid wood, but today a very nice man in a very reputable shop told us that because we’e laying on top of a pine floor with a 15″ drop underneath it our best bet would be to put down a layer of marine ply to cut off the damp, and then use engineered planks, partly because the lower layers are better at absorbing damp and partly because engineered boards are stronger at the width we want them, around 180mm. That’s in sharp contrast to previous advice, which was that solid wood is stronger for wider boards.

Ho hum.

One comment to We’re now more confused than ever about flooring

  • Neill  says:

    Reading the article you placed on the website I can suggest that you could use Solid Wood Floors or Engineered wood floors, if you have underfloor heating I would recommend Enginnered wood floors only. Engineered wood floors are more stable and you can go as wide as you like. As for laying you can glue down ditectly onto the subfloor if it is sound using Sika, Elka or taylors, these are maluble wood adhesives. There should be no reason to place an additional layer of ply as you are building up layers. We ahve a wealth of knowledge on all this wood on our website that you can view or call. By the way Engineered boards are generally a little more expensive due to the nature of the make up in production but look great and you dont have the same issues with cupping etc.

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