The English Rose Kitchen

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Hitler close to topping selfApril 28, 1945. Hitler marries Eva Braun in his bunker. The honeymoon includes the unusual feature that on April 30 Hitler removes self from gene pool by committing suicide by gunshot and cyanide poisoning, though presumably not in that order.

May 6, 1945. The Germans surrender to the Allied Forces.

SpitfireMay 7, 1945. MD of C.S.A. Industries of Warwick scratches head and wonders what to do with all the aluminium they had stockpiled. During the war they had used it to manufacture nosecones for Spitfires, but the the Allied Victory effectively brings business to a halt.

English Rose Kitchen sink unit1949 (I admit, I’m starting to make up dates, but you get the drift). Said MD (now I’m even making up people) needed a new kitchen (and events) and set about fashioning one out of aluminium with his bare hands (no he didn’t). He gave it their classic look by introducing the tulip shape to the drawers (it probably wasn’t him) and painted them a variety of kitsch colours. Except that this was the turn of the 50’s and back then they didn’t know it was kitsch.